The Amur regional social sports kendo organization (Russian: Амурская областная общественая спортивная организация
Кэндо) was established in 1998. But the sport activities began in 2004. In the very beginning, Mishin Boris (Kendo
4 Dan, Iaido 3 Dan, Battodo 3 Dan), the head of SOLKI (Vladivostok) held some seminars in order to help our
instructors in getting kyu degrees.
2006. The club joined Russian Kendo Federation, and in November the members of our club took part in 9th Russian
Kendo championship in Vladivostok.
2007. Our club supported with Lubov Vashchuk (the head of the Far Eastren Agrarian University’s International
center) and Mrs. Serikawa (the representative of Japan & Bikin Co. Ltd.) made contacts with Japanese Kendo masters
in Niigata (Japan).
2007, summer. Peunov Andrey, Kuksenko Anton and Shiryaev Evgeny were in training in Murakami (Japan) under the
guidance of Tsuchiya sensei (7 kendo dan). After that they passed examination and got 1 dan (Kendo).
In November 2007 was formed the first students group.
2008, February. The club was affiliated with All Russian social organization “Russian Kendo, Iaido, Jodo
1st March, 2008. Budin Stanislav Kendo 3 Dan and Alexander Pokidko Kendo 2 Dan (Vladivostok) held a seminar in
Blagoveshchensk and took examinations .
31th May, 2008. The members of our club took part in Open Kendo Tournament in Khabarovsk.
26th June, 2008. Mishin Boris held the second seminar in Blagoveshchensk.
August, 2008. Peunov Andrey, the head of our club took part in seminars in Joetsu, Shibata, Murakami (Niigata,
Japan). He was trained by Tsuchiya sensei, Masuko sensei, Kihara sensei.
Punov Andrey pass exams to the second kendo dan. Activity of Kihara sensei was significant in birth of kendo
Blagoveshchensk and formation of Amur regional social sports kendo organization. He held a seminar in
Blagoveshchensk in 2002 and now is regularly supports us.
2008, December. Members of the organization took part in SOLKI Open Cup Championship (Vladivostok) and were placed
in children championship, men individual championship and team championship.
2009, March. The DVFO Kendo Cup Championship (Far-Eastern Federal Region Cup) was hold in Blagoveshchenk. Guests
from Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Artem, Ussuriisk, Volno-Nadezdinskoe, Khabarovsk took part in the Championship.
2009, 30th August. The organization participated in the Marial arts charity marathon, which was held in
Blagoveshchensk by the Russian Martial Arts Organization.
2009, 12th December our team took part in Yamada Koji Cup in Vladivostok.
2010 marked significant for our club events, summer holds the first Open Championship of Blagoveschensk. In August,
the guys involved in the Preparation of the Russian team for the European Championship, in the summer camp, the
Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai. In September, the team brings the award from the city of Khabarovsk, where the DVFO Kendo
Cup Championship (Far-Eastern Federal Region Cup). Also, the year 2010 marks yet another endeavor of our club in
December, we are first Children’s Sports Day.
2011, In March we were visited by Vice-Consul General for Japan in the Far East and master of kendo 5 dan Shohei
Takenouchi. From 3 to March 6, Sensei conducts a seminar, which culminates with the second Children’s Spors Day and
the second Open Tournament of Blagoveschensk.

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